SIALKOT - Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has claimed that the PML-N’s campaign to hide corruption will meet ‘dead end’ soon and they will find no way to save the plundered national wealth.

“The leadership of PML-N and all other political elements wanted by the court of law Pakistan are politicising the accountability process in their attempts to hide their corruption and save the plunder from public exchequer.”

SAPM on Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan stated this while talking to the newsmen at Sialkot Sunday night.

She claimed, “The Sharifs meetings in London will end soon as they have no agenda for the welfare of the people of Pakistan.”

She said that actually they have gathered in London to find out the ways to save their plundered wealth. “The PML-N leader wants to deceive the masses by making fake and fictitious stories and take full advantages of the illness of their leader.

She pointed out that the Sharifs are busy with their “Maal Bachaao” efforts. Dr Firdous alleged that wrong and ill-conceived economic policies of the previous government had pushed the country into a quicksand of massive foreign loans. “The past rulers also ruined national economy,” she narrated.

The SAPM charged that people today are suffering from great difficulties due to failed economic policies of the PML-N government, which plundered the national exchequer ruthlessly.

She regretted that it is a point of grave concern for every loyal and patriotic Pakistan that the political elements wanted by the court of law are busy issuing wrong statements.

“The law of Pakistan and courts are summoning them back from London but they have been applying delaying tactics with malafide intentions,” Dr Firdous claimed.

Dr Firdous emphasised that the plunderers must give answers to the 18 questions, saying that these questions would follow them, especially the entire Sharif Family. Thus, they must give answers of these 18 questions.

“The nation actually wants to know much more about the massive corruption of the Sharif Family,” she revealed.

She said that their corruption has ruined foundation of the national economy.

She asked the PML-N leadership to come back and must face the masses, who want to know much more about their massive corruption.


The police have arrested as many as 17 shopkeepers over LPG decanting at their shops in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils of the district.

Police have sent accused Zaman, Rafaqat, Wajid, Asif, Amjad, Fiaz, Zafar, Shehbaz, Akram, Saleem, Shehzad, Basharat, Imran, Arshad, Sajjad, Tarseem Singh and Akbar Ali behind bars after registration of separate cases against them. Further investigations were underway, in this regard.