LAHORE - There is no conflict among the institutions and there will be no martial law in Pakistan in future, says former federal law minister Dr SM Zafar.

Delivering a speech at the 66th conference of the Pakistan Visionary Forum titled “Future Pakistan” at TECH Society Club on Sunday, Zafar said that army, judiciary and the executive were on the same page. He said that provincial autonomy had been ensured under the 18th Amendment.

In his assessment, influence of the United States and other international powers over Pakistan would end in future and religious parties would not be able to win many seats in the current parliamentary system.

The veteran lawyer said that Pakistan has been able to overcome terrorism by joint efforts and sacrifices of civil and military forces and public tolerance and patience. Questions about the existence of Pakistan, he asserted, have come to an end due to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s actions.

Pakistan, he said, is ahead of India in missile and nuclear technology, which has ensured safe future of Pakistan.

Other speakers said the incumbent government could not come up to people’s expectations. They said the ruling party could not get majority in the elections and it had to form government in alliance with other political parties. They said that future of the world is in Asia, particularly China.

Former foreign secretary Shamshad Ahmed Khan said that Korea, China, Malaysia and Singapore were developed because of the best leadership there.

Other participants included former minister of state Qayyum Nizami, agricultural scientist Dr Muhammad Sadiq, former adviser to COMSATS University Dr Hasibullah, Rana Tariq Mahmood, Jameel Gishkori, Mahmudur Rehman Chughtai, Ayub Sabir, Salman Abid, former chairman of IRSA Shafqat Masood, former auditor general of Punjab Jameel Bhatti, Sardar Saeed Khan, Engineer M Yaqoob Chaudhry, Dr Ikram Koshal, Maj (Retd) Khalid Nasr and Prof Mashkoor Ahmed.