Prime Minister Imran Khan has on Monday said that those people who abandon their vision do not succeed ever.

The premier inaugurated Pakistan’s first National Science and Technology Park in Islamabad in the vicinity of National University of Science and Technology (NUST) and addressed the ceremony.

“Everything starts with a vision and those nations which lose confidence become dependent on others. There is no plan B when you follow your vision as you have burnt all your bridges. We saw a plan B a few days ago and then came a plan C as well.

“A good captain knows where to utilize his players and that is why I have appointed Fawad Chaudhry as Minister for Science and Technology. I appreciate his efforts.”

It is pertinent here to mention that National Science and Technology Park is being hailed as the country’s largest innovation and research ecosystem. The high-tech IT Park houses have more than forty companies, including start-ups, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and tech giants.

According to the NUST statement, the park will serve as a launchpad for the country’s leading researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.