RIO DE JANEIRO (AFP) - Twenty-four people died and four survived a charter plane crash in Brazil's Amazon basin, authorities said Sunday. The Embraer Bandeirante, chartered by Manaus Aerotaxis, was carrying two crew members and 26 passengers, including children, when it went down after taking off from the city of Coari en route to the inland Amazon basin's largest city, Manaus. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing in the River Manacapuru, a tributary of the Amazon, between Santo Antonio and the island of Montecristo, some 80 kilometres from Manaus. Almost 40 firefighters including nine divers (frogmen) and civil defence officials searched through the night for survivors. But they confirmed that just four people survived while the death toll from late Saturday rose from six to 24. The charter company had said Saturday there were 22 passengers and two crew aboard but later said the figures were 26 passengers and two crew. Authorities suspect the plane met with engine trouble and tried to make an emergency landing at the Panamacapuru airport but went down instead in the river. An investigation was underway, they said.