PESCO authorities are, indeed, the agents of darkness in the 21st century. This is evident from the current daily schedule of 18 hours of load shedding in the Chitral district, which by the way, produces 4 megawatts of electricity and consumes only 3.5 MW in 24 hours. The electricity from national grid should be a surplus for PESCO authorities if they are competent enough to manage the affairs of power production, supply and consumption in the district. They obviously aren't. Chitral town is having 18 to 20 hours of loadshedding every day. The Consumer Society of Chitral town has requested Raja Pervez Ashraf Minster for water and power and Shakil Durrani Chairman WAPDA to intervene and take positive action against the corrupt officials of PESCO serving in Chitral. -BASHIR HUSSAIN AZAD, Chitral, via e-mail, January 24.