ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started work on drafting the parking policy, what the official said would ease congestion on roads and reduce number of drivers roaming the markets in search of curbside parking. According to a senior CDA official, on special directives of the CDA Chairman Tariq Mehmood Khan, the Planning Wing of the Authority has started work on the parking policy that would comprise several components, including construction of parking sites, parking plazas and public awareness about parking. He said Member Planning would monitor the policy formation, adding that, in collaboration with Islamabad Traffic Police, CDA would launch comprehensive campaign to create awareness among the citizens about parking rules and regulations. He said the Authority had long been mulling to resolve the deteriorating situation of traffic and parking congestion, particularly in Blue Area, the downtown of the federal capital, but the project had been delaying due to one or the other reason. The official said under the project, the Authority would construct seven parking plazas in the main markets of the federal capital and would put vacant places on lease to be used as commercial parking. "Demand pricing can help reduce congestion on roads and paid parking would be cheaper than roaming around to search suitable spot," said the official. The Authority is also thinking to modernise parking system to bring at par with international standard where, camera-affixed meters are installed to check the duration of the parked vehicle and charged accordingly. The official observed that the unnecessary roaming of vehicles to find parking also causes pollution, which contradicts dream of Clean and Green Islamabad. "Wherever, I go, I think they are unique, but one thing that is same is the parking problem. It's not a green policy to put solar panels on buildings and have people circling on roads for hours," he commented. Regardless of selection of accessible and feasible spots for the purpose, he said, "We are committed to reduce needless congestion, and parking is where we can manage it most effectively right now." Under the new policy, the Authority may also ban parking in certain residential areas as well as narrower roads, particularly in peak hours. He said a detailed survey of the markets would be conducted to find the possibility of construction of parking in existing plazas in the capital, what he said, under CDA bylaws, was mandatory. Owing to the scarcity of parking places, the Authority would not allow commercial activity and educational institutions in the area, having less capacity for parking.