I passed my B.A. in 1941. I used to cycle a distance of five miles to get to the Government College. Cycling on the Mall back then was a pleasure. The Mall was a beautiful road having two belts of lush green grass on both sides of the road, no traffic and plenty of fresh air. There were beautiful shops on either side of the road. Whenever I passed the Governor's House, I used to stop for a couple of minutes to admire the magnificent view of this palatial building with lush green lawn and a peek at the smartly turned-out guards at the gate. After a very longtime, I recently happened to pass by the Governor House again and was horrified to see large billboards at the main gate carrying pictures of Benazir, Zardari and the PM. I wonder who sold the idea of having these ugly billboards at the gates to our worthy 'Laatt Sahib'. Naming roads or buildings in Benazir's name is so meaningless. The new names do not last long - the Murree Road will always be Murree Road and never Benazir Road. A better way of paying homage to her would be to fulfill the promises she made with the nation in her lifetime. -COL. (Retd) R.M. AKHTAR, Lahore, February 1.