ISLAMABAD " Despite issuance of post-activated SIM cards, the much-trumpeted move by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) that aimed at eradicating unregistered SIMs, the number of fake callers is on the rise turning out to be an exasperating factor for masses, TheNation has learnt. In the wake of the increasing number of crimes, PTA had abandoned pre-activated SIMs as most of the perpetrators were found to be using unregistered cellular connections, thus leaving no clue behind. However, despite the enforcement of the post-activated SIM cards, things have not improved much the masses complain. TheNation has further learnt that the operators of unregistered SIM cards had resorted to alternate means to tackle the situation. Credible sources in cellular sectors on anonymity told this scribe that the practice of issuing SIM cards on the identity cards that contained either fake or incomplete details was on the rise. "Things haven't changed as numerous SIM cards have been issued on such Computerised National Identity Cards (CNIC) that contain very scanty information about the users," the sources remarked. The sources went on to say that verification on the part of the cellular representatives from the users, regarding activation of their SIM connections was nothing but a trivial formality. "Anyone can submit a CNIC copy of someone else to get a mobile connection. The cellular companies make verifications from the details that are available on CNIC copies. Consequently, the fake users can easily answer the questions being asked by cellular representatives and thus get such SIMs activated," they maintained. A well-known businessman has told TheNation that he has been constantly receiving death threats from a number which was when reported to police and FIA officials, they on investigation found out that the perpetrator had given very scanty information on his identity card. The available details about the accused, found on his identity card simply read his name and "P.O Box Khas District Abbottabd." Later, it was further found out that the aforementioned details were fake as well. In addition, a senior government official told this scribe that his mobile phone was stolen a few days back. "I had immediately contacted the cellular help line to block my SIM card and handset", he stated. The official mentioned that the SIM was blocked immediately, while he was asked to contact PTA help line to get the handset blocked. He deplored that the numbers 021 5682222 and 0800 55055 PTA offered remain busy all the time. "I was asked to provide IMEI number of my cell phone to get it blocked but it seems that the PTA officials are less interested in answering the calls," he alleged while demanding strict action against concerned PTA officials. When contacted, the PTA officials expressed sheer ignorance pertaining to the matter. "Our help lines are providing remarkable services and we haven't received any complaints," they claimed. It is pertinent to mention here that the deadlines regarding blocking of fake SIMs had been extended on numerous occasions by the Senate's Standing Committee on Interior. On the other hand, the cellular companies keep claiming that millions of unregistered SIM cards have been blocked.