KARACHI - Gandhara Art Gallery displayed the soulful and thought provoking work of Jamil Baloch under the theme of 'Disorientation' at an opening ceremony today, attended by art connoisseurs and prominent artistes. The opening of the exhibition focused on showcasing both modern and contemporary Pakistani Art. The exhibition is expected to run at the Art Gallery till March 15, 2009. Jamil Baloch's cluster of colossal black burqa (veil)-clad sculptures was an ominous presence at the entrance of the exhibition. They were impressive in their scale and were meant to shock as well as disorient. Jamil Baloch graduated from the National College of Arts in 1997, where he specialised in sculpture and is currently working as an Assistant Professor. His facility with many mediums is the strength of his art, practice-oils, watercolors, graphite, ceramic and steel sculptures, video as well as performance art. His work has been showcased in the US, UK, Europe and Asia. Jamil is a dedicated artiste who has a great command over art and continues to hone his skills. His work portrays beauty in a number of ways and depicts his thought process. It is also a testament to his uniqueness and creativity. The visitors were enthralled with the diversity of the exhibition as well as the theme. His art pieces seemed to be larger than life and spoke volumes about this seasoned artist. His work reflected his philosophy of life and the depths of his thoughts. Jamil' s work is a product of his personal realities and environment. All art pieces were impeccable and had a distinct style owing to the fact that his creations directly stem from his experiences and are reflective of his calm personality. Vying for attention were all the art pieces with their eye-catching designs, vibrant colors and textures. The exhibition was truly an epitome of beauty and inspiration. Each piece seemed to be intricately designed and had a deep meaning with an apparent raison d'Otre. Each creation told a tale and had a purpose from the start i.e. from the conception phase to the execution and final product. Amazingly none of the creations lost its essence in either phase rather became more enhanced with every stage of refinement.