Islamabad - PML-N and PML-Q are at daggers drawn over massive irregularities detected in the local governments in Punjab with both parties trying to blackmail each other for greater political gains. "Provincial government headed by the PML-N is caught up in a blind alley", said Rawalpindi District Nazim, Raja Javed Akhlas while talking to TheNation here Sunday. "District governments in the province have been rendered inoperative since the new provincial government took over last year'" he added regretting that PML-N was not accepting the mandate people had given to the elected district governments. However, on the other hand, a PML-N spokesman while rejecting this allegation said there were twenty-seven district nazims in the Punjab who were being used by PML-Q leadership to absolve itself of accountability. He said that local governments in Punjab had committed massive irregularities in spending Rs105 billion since 2000. Most of office-bearers in the incumbent district governments, he alleged, were either handpicked or closely related to the PML-Q top leaders. "There is no record of Rs 7 billion spending, while remaining amount of Rs 95 billion had been spent in a non-transparent way. District governments were the owners of those schemes and these projects have been audited on the directives of provincial government", PML-N sources said. "Why these defiant twenty-seven district nazims have not challenged these audit reports at any legitimate forum so far, and why they were crying if at all their conscience were clear and why they are using PML-Q leadership to protect them?" PML-N spokesman asked. The PML-N spokesman also questioned the role of these political rival nazims arguing they should have fulfilled their basic obligation of effective watchdogs. "If they have committed no misdeed then they should help the provincial government in bringing to justice to the culprits who had misappropriated hefty amount of public money", PML-N spokesman said.