LAHORE - With a big question mark over the level of PML-N's participation in the coming 'long march', its leaders expressed strong reservations over the way the lawyers made important announcements without the political forces on board. An active PML-N leader close to Sharifs disclosed that the lawyers' leadership has surprisingly not taken any political party into confidence including PML-N before making key announcement. The reservations expressed by the PML-N leaders suggest that the PML-N's participation in the much-hyped long march will not be more than token. Aitzaz Ahsan, accompanied by President Supreme Court Bar Association Ali Ahmad Kurd, announced the long March on March 9, (changed it later to March 12). In the same breath they announced the sit-in and that too for indefinite period of time on March 16 in front of the parliament. The decision to stage sit-in came as a big surprise for the political forces supporting the lawyers, especially its indefinite nature. The PML-N is the main supporter of the lawyers' movement and its objectives. Recently, Nawaz Sharif announced his party's full support for the lawyers' long march. He even asked the people to come out on roads in support of lawyers. "How could they expect our support when nobody from the lawyers bothered to consult us. The lawyers earlier march had flopped as they went ahead with it without any plan. Now they are repeating the same mistake," a PML-N leader commented. It is quite surprising for the PML-N leaders when the lawyers announced their major decisions without their consent, leaving them wondering on what basis they took the decision to go ahead with the march, followed by indefinite sit-in excluding the political forces. "On both counts, decision to hold long march followed by sit-in, no lawyers leaders bothered to consult the PML-N leadership", disclosed a PML-N leader. Meanwhile, the PML-N leadership is keeping mum over its participation in the march or sit-in. It is learnt that no decision has so far been taken about the level of the party's participation in the show. "The issue is not even being discussed in the party at any level. Both the top party leaders, Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are out of the country at the moment. We have not yet put in place any strategy in this regard while time is running out. It is difficult to mobilise the party cadres in such a short period of time" another party bigwig said, pretty annoyed the way the leadership of lawyers handled the issue. Given the prevailing circumstances, it seems that the party's participation will not be more than a token. The party leaders also ruled out participation in the sit-in. "Any such protest in front of parliament will be like expressing no-confidence against the parliament, " claimed a senior Leaguer.