CAMP BASTION, Afghanistan, (AFP) - Nato troops operating in Afghanistan should find drug traffickers and "eliminate" them as they would Taliban militants and other insurgents battling the government, the Counternarcotics Minister said. "They are the same ... they are supporting terrorism in Afghanistan," General Khodaidad said in an interview with reporters on a visit last week to inspect opium poppy eradication efforts in the southern province of Helmand. "They are working the same networks," he said of traffickers and insurgents both particularly active in Helmand, heartland of a huge opium industry and a key battleground in the Taliban insurgency. "They are the same targets. Isaf must locate these targets and eliminate them," he said, referring to Nato's International Security Assistance Force. The Minister said: "You cannot differentiate between drug dealers, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and terrorism. They are the same people." The Afghan government estimates insurgents have bought new weapons with $100m earned through protecting trafficking routes from village to border last year, he said. "We need from Isaf to do more reconnaissance on the border with Afghanistan, find their labs, their headquarters, their convoys, and hit the enemy," he said. "It is drugs which is supporting terrorism, Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. "We must find their location, we must hit their convoys, and to do more interdiction especially on the borders with Pakistan and Iran. It can bring down the capability of the Taliban," he said. He said Afghanistan's fledgling judicial and policing systems were still not capable of capturing and prosecuting the kingpins of the trade, including those in government. "We have good guys and bad guys," he said. "Especially in the provinces, they are involved in drugs." "The drug mafia, they are active inside Afghanistan, outside Afghanistan," the Minister said. "They are on the border, they are very clever... we are trying to identify these people."