America would be much better off in doing what it does best: medical research, technological innovation, local and state political democracy at home, consumer service and protection on its own turf. Instead, it has devoted itself, above everything, including its remarkable resilience in management and strengths in science and technology, to the endless and absolute pursuit of ideological capitalism. Ideological capitalism is not only an exclusively designed economic system in the US, it is a holistic intrinsically conceived culture. It manifests itself in the exploitation of all human-based systems: social, economic, political, intellectual, conceptual, philosophical, technological, communicative, national and international, with an outcome of a singularly-focused ideological American consciousness - egocentric, megalomaniac, narcissistic, contemptuous and uncompromising to everything that does not fit into its preconceived mould. It is a commercial culture that, amongst many other things, breeds limitless greed and promotes endless exploitation of foreign markets and nations. This particular aspect of economic and political "exploitation" is the backbone and nucleus of the American global capitalistic culture that targets weak foreign countries and markets at a mind-boggling profit rate that sees $1 bring back a $10 return. American high-profile economic prosperity at home depends on the endless continuation of "exploitative" management of foreign nations. Consequently, the US decrees and extols the political control of Third World nations. Hence, American ideological capitalist culture promotes intra- and international conflicts paving way for US military interventions around the world. In addition, the American military industrial complex, with its arms production and worldwide sale, provides the US political establishment with the leverage to expand its hegemony over other countries. An explicit policy objective of American ideological capitalism, in order to promote and spread itself, is to install its "agent" regimes in impoverished and weak nations. This "policy objective" is a device of control management - it helps to instil insidious market mechanisms which cause the development of a "ruling elite" in these nations with economic, political and socio-cultural concentration of power. The Americans consolidate their hold over these nations through these elite regimes that they have helped create. Since its existence as a nation, no US administration or president has ever deviated from the absolute pursuit of this American ideology. The institutionalised ideological capitalistic cultural system does not allow such a deviation. The end result of this devotional commitment to the spread of American ideological capitalism is that each and every US president has pursued political confrontations and overseas military interventions as one of the fundamentals of American foreign policy. The pretexts of these military interventions have been various and have changed with the times. But the fundamentals have remained the same - there have been no exceptions to this cherished dream to dominate humanity all over the world. As a result, each American president has had to his name, on his ideological calling, the repulsive distinction of digging vast graveyards of innocent victims of its military aggression in every corner of the world. Obama will not be an exception to this rule. His graveyards-in-waiting are certainly going to be in our own backyard - in the wilderness of Afghanistan, and Pakistan's FATA and NWFP. Obama may have a heart of gold, but that does not count for much in the entirety of the American political landscape. The American Jewish Zionist lobby, along with neocons, inside and outside the Obama administration, are all well-prepared, well-organised, and determined to go for Obama's modern-times political crucifixion. Obama's iniquitous political crucifixion will take place in Washington, DC and other power corridors (including the media) and in the hearts and minds of white American neocons (as well as born-again Christians of the G W Bush kind who feel that Barack Hussein Obama has stolen Christ from them - how dare someone with the middle name Hussein do such a heinous thing). These are the same people who are still terribly shocked and terminally angry at the election of an African-American president. Since the election, they all have been busy plotting his downfall. Indeed, it would be instructive to remember that a vast proportion of Americans voted for Obama's opponent, John McCain. No less terrifying is the Jewish-Zionist Israeli-American lobby at work - full of activity much prior to Obama's taking over the presidency. Reflect and contemplate if you will: Israel recently inflicted the "Gaza holocaust" and Bush's dossiers on Afghanistan and Pakistan handed over to the Obama administration together are a set-up to neutralise Obama's personal universal humanitarian idealism and force his presidency into the rigid American ideological pursuits. It is an institutional set-up aimed at creating conditions that disallows Obama a prerogative of policy decision-making that could possibly deviate from the traditional foreign policy objectives. The fact of the matter is that the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan are not the problem. In absolute earnest, they can be the ultimate solution to political impasse in both countries. The real problem is the Americans and their allies' occupation of Afghanistan. End the political-military occupation and the so-called "terrorism" will cease immediately. But Obama will not be allowed to do so. "The primary motive for the 2005 invasion of Afghanistan was not to fight terrorism, but to create a base for the assertion of US influence over the rich resources of former Soviet republics in Central Asia," wrote an eminent policy analyst recently. Today, in the Obama presidency, American foreign policy objectives remain essentially the same: "Large-scale US military strikes on the FATA and even more deeply into Pakistan are the logical outcome of Obama's determination to place Afghanistan under US control," elucidated the same policy analyst. Real but unfortunate is the fact that Obama has already lost the battle for "change" in the American global perspective - even before the encounter has begun. "Within days of taking power," wrote James Cogan recently, "the Obama administration has made it clear that it will escalate the war to subjugate the Afghan people, intensify US military strikes on targets inside administration that is just as determined as Bush's to use brute military force to secure the economic and strategic interests of American imperialism...Countless thousands of Afghan and Pakistani lives...are to be sacrificed in the process." Welcome to the horrendous real world of Obama's presidency and impending graveyards-in-waiting "Obama owes the world and the Americans brutal honesty in reviewing the political and strategic purpose (of the American ideological agenda) that is now so costly and degrading in terms of human suffering," wrote another influential columnist. Will Obama demonstrate such brutal honesty? No, he won't - And yet, Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th President of the United States, will be crucified Reason? For his lack of courage on the one hand, and on the other hand, for what he is Such are the institutionalised powers of the American neocons and Zionists In absolute honesty, I hope and pray that I turn out to be completely wrong in my analysis....But I am afraid that I won't be Unless...we take our destiny into our own hands and prevail with courage, determination and an agile policy shift towards our beloved ally Unless...our love relationship goes sour with Obama's America Indeed, it is worth a try The writer is a professor, political analyst and conflict-resolution specialist. E-mail: