ISLAMABAD (APP) " It is universal to have soft feelings for the poor but if that feeling comes from the tender heart of a seven-year old little girl the emotion becomes all the more high-valued, all the more delicate. Little Tuba Sahaab, 7, has not only done this she has gone one step forward by putting those feelings for the poor into writing. Tuba who studies at Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) in Islamabad using her strong power of imagination, tells fairy tales in her little book titled "My Golden Dreams" that she wrote while studying in class III. Her visit to England sharpened her pen and her skill flourished further as she go opportunity to show her work at different colleges and universities there. Teachers there were full of praise and appreciated her creative effort. The educational institutions acknowledged her efforts with appreciation certificates and most important of all now we can find and read her book in libraries in the United Kingdom. Tuba who comes of a middle class background proudly says "I have all the luxuries of life - a car, good education and love and care of parents and above all bountings of Allah Almighty." She has a sensitive heart and it worries her when she goes outside and sees poor children in tatters and in misery. "They were hungry and without the basic facilities of life what to say of luxuries," she says of the beggar kids. The thought that nagged her mind was why she has so much and why these children not even have enough food. And she put her anguish into words. Tuba has a curious mind and her anguish forced her to write about the miseries of poor people. "Questions kept flooding my mind and I kept on writing." One of her favourite tale, she wrote in her book is "If I were a bar of chocolate". And the tale comes from her desire that every child should have enough to eat. "I imagined that if I were a chocolate, those who will eat me will become positive in their thinking. They will never fight with each other on petty issues and will live in peace and love." The little girl imagines the society which is free of poverty, injustice, terrorism, conspiracies, prejudices and hatred. Therefore, she conveyed a strong moral message in her writings to have respect for humanity above all. Referring to another imaginary poem "If I were a fairy tale", she said that the tale is reflective of her inner thoughts and kind hearted emotions for poor who take to begging to have a morsel of bread. Her quest was to find some relief for herself and the poor kids. And the words that she wrote comforted her and gave ideas about how to improve the conditions of those who are less fortunate. One day her mother looked at these papers and what she saw impressed her. Her mother is well educated, has been a teacher and now practices law as an advocate. She compiled these papers into a little book. Tuba showed the book to her school teachers and principal but got no response and she says that hurt her. Then an idea struck her and she took the book to the Federal Directorate of Education in Islamabad and showed it to the people there. She got a promise from them that her book will be included in the syllabus of lower classes so that students can get inspiration and motivation to read and write. But it only remained a promise as she kept waiting for a year. Once again, she gathered courage and this time went to Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) to get her book published. The then chairman of the academy Iftikhar Arif appreciated her effort and got the book published. He even arranged for a book launching ceremony and late Ahmad Faraz came as a chief guest. Tuba realizes that other students are as talented as she but they could not get their dreams fulfilled owing to lack of resources. Some of them are gifted but they could not get realization of their capabilities and therefore their art die inside."I am lucky that my family encouraged me despite discouragement from others," she says with gratitude.