ISLAMABAD - The brutal reign of Taliban has crippled the life in Swat. It is obligatory on the part of government to rid the masses of Taliban, said a female student hailing from Swat, during a press conference here on Sunday. Hina Khan, studying in a local educational institution in Swat, said that the dominance of Taliban in the region had paralysed the civic fibre. "From educational institutions to local industry, every walk of life has received irreparable setback, courtesy Taliban" she opined. "The tourism sector that was the major source of bread and butter for the locals, is dead thanks to the criminal activities of so-called Muslims, known as Talibans," Hina stated on a bitter note. As many as 700,000 people out of a total number of 1,700,000 have migrated from Swat. Out of 185 schools, 122 girls' schools and 63 boys' schools have been set ablaze by militants, she observed adding, the activities of these militants are in stark contradiction to the teachings of Islam. Islam orders the Muslims to acquire knowledge, our Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that acquiring knowledge was an equal obligation on men and women. Hina quoted Holy Prophet's famous Hadith that's says "Acquire knowledge even if you have to go to China in its pursuit." If our beloved Prophet (PBUH) has laid special importance to acquiring knowledge then who would dare to go against these teachings, she maintained. Asking for the government's protection and shelter to be given to dispersed Swat communities, Hina Khan demanded the allocation of quota for the students of Swat in every educational institution of Pakistan. "It is the duty of the state to provide education and accommodation to the deprived communities of Swat. Boarding facilities must be provided to students," she suggested while adding countless aggrieved families ought to be rehabilitated by the government. "Swat is burning, I request the journalist community, government and our higher-ups to project our cause and rid us from the merciless reign of criminals and murderers," she concluded.