Frustrated in proving the alleged involvement of Pakistan's government in the Mumbai terror attacks through its fictitious dossier, Indian propaganda campaign against Islamabad to get our country declared a terrorist state continues unabated. In this regard, while disagreeing with the "uncouth Indian TV anchors who supplanted all Pakistanis for terrorists", Indian Tribune published an article titled War on Terror: Declare Pakistan a Terrorist State on January 27, 2009 stated: "Indians...are indulging in a futile exercise of producing evidence." The Tribune further advised New Delhi: "It is time for India to go to the Security Council and appeal to the world leaders to declare Pakistan a terrorist state," prescribing sanctions against it. While Times of India indicated on January 31: "In the wake of Islamabad's double-talk on terror attacks against India on 26/11, New Delhi has launched a global diplomatic campaign to bring a defiant Pakistan into line." However, emboldened by the resolution of the Security Council's committee which added Pakistan-based Jamaat-ud-Dawa and already banned Lashkar-i-Taiba to the list of terrorists on December 11, last year, PM Manmohan Singh called Pakistan, "the epicentre of terrorism." On January 6, he stated that Pakistan was using terrorism as state policy and the Mumbai attacks had support from its official agencies. Indian External Affairs Minister Mukherjee and Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor also expressed similar thoughts, repeatedly saying that India had all options open including the military one, if Pakistan failed to hand over the culprits. Moreover, Kapoor reiterated that the terror structure in Pakistan was intact despite the mounting pressure on Islamabad to dismantle it. Nevertheless, the question arises as to which is the real terrorist state. In this connection, in the most recent past, solid evidence has been witnessed regarding Hindu terrorism when the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) of Maharashtra arrested a serving Lt Col Srikant Purohit and other army officials, having close ties with prominent leaders of BJP, VHP, RSS and particularly Bajrang Dal. The inquiry revealed that the extremists of Bajrang Dal were involved in the bomb attack on a mosque in Parbhani in 2003, blasts in Purna and Jalna in August 2004 and Malegaon in September 2008. The ATS while revealing Purohit's confession regarding the bombing of Samjhota Express, in which more than 69 Pakistani passengers were burnt alive, further disclosed that the Indian army officials trained the Hindu extremists and supplied explosives that were used in various terrorist attacks. During Mumbai attack, the death of Anti-Terrorism Squad Chief Hemant Karkare proved that the Indian intelligence agencies had planned the scheme to intimidate Pakistan and take political advantage over the latter, especially on Kashmir issue as President Obama seems committed to resolve this dispute. In fact, there is a co-relationship of the Hindutva (Hindu nationalism) and Hindu fundamentalism which are genesis of Hindu terrorism. This ideology has been encouraged by the subsequent governments officially, manifesting itself in various forms such as dominance of Hindu culture, religious fervour and violence against Muslims and Christians. Apart from the intermittent genocide of Muslims, in the most tragic incident in Assam, Hindu extremists set ablaze six members of a Muslim family on October 12, 2008. In 2002, nearly 2000 Muslims were massacred in Gujarat with the blessings of then CM Modi. Besides, killing and harassment of Christians, entailing assaults on Churches have become a routine matter in India. In the past few months, more than 50 Christians have been assassinated by Hindu fundamentalists in Orissa. Furthermore, the Indian military has been using barbaric tactics to suppress the genuine freedom movement of the Kashmiris. Last year, discovery of nearly 1000 graves of the unmarked Muslims in IHK is another evidence of Indian state terrorism. It is mentionable that our military and civilian leadership has directly or indirectly been revealing that India is creating lawlessness in Pakistan. In this respect, India has established a number of foreign offices and training camps in Afghanistan from where RAW's well-trained agents with sophisticated weapons are being sent to Pakistan to fight against our security forces - by supporting insurgency in FATA and separatism in Balochistan. These fugitives have also conducted many acts of sabotage in Pakistan, killing innocent civilians and personnel of the armed forces. On January 25, 2009, a Sri Lankan newspaper, Daily Mirror, reported that RAW is supporting BLA to help it to separate Balochistan from the federation of Pakistan, elaborating that this agency is working to destabilise other regional countries and therefore is also supporting the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka. Notably, in January, this year, when Sri Lankan forces succeeded in advancing towards the last bastions of the Tamil Tigers, LTTE leader Prabhakaran escaped to India with RAW's help. If any impartial observer takes cognisance of Hindu terrorism, he will definitely conclude that India is the real terrorist state. The writer is a foreign affairs analyst E-mail: