THE sale of high-tech US weapons in Peshawar is extremely disturbing to say the least. The arms include night-vision goggles, high-powered binoculars and other equipment. According to press reports, this state-of-the-art equipment was possibly acquired when militants attacked NATO convoys on their way to Afghanistan via Khyber Pass. Though there is a ban on the display and sale of weapons of the sort, the business is going on in the market. It is quite alarming to learn that militant organizations like the Taliban and various others with their own terrorist agendas could easily acquire them posing a serious risk to the security of the country. There are already reports indicating that a number of modern combat vehicles like Humvees are in possession of the Taliban. That these weapons are falling into the hands of militants suggests that there is a whole mafia involved in weapon's acquisition and sale, apart from the looting of NATO convoys. The law enforcement agencies must take stern action against those involved in the dangerous business.