The late master painter Gulgee and his wife Zarro were murdered nearly 15 months ago, but the greed that caused the tragedy still haunts the family. Apparently, the brilliant artist left a fortune in art treasures and an even bigger fortune in real estate. His business-savvy wife had built up a property empire that stretched from Karachi to Islamabad to the Galliat. Unfortunately, these valuable assets are attracting vultures, all eager to grab a piece of the hard-earned wealth. Rumours have been floated that the late couple's son, the celebrated sculptor and jewelry designer Amin Gulgee, was actually adopted, never mind the uncanny resemblance to the father, thus paving the way for some unscrupulous transactions in their estate. The Gulgee offspring have been alerted and their Karachi-based attorney has come into action to safeguard their inheritance. * * * * * * * * * We hear the popular slogan is no longer Dubai chalo. It is more like Dubai say bhago with nothing but a clothes' change in your bag. Word has it that as recession digs deeper into Dubai economy, residents with huge borrowings, enormous debts, sinking businesses, or a combination of all, are fleeing the emirate in droves. According to one report, in the last two weeks alone, the authorities have picked up some 3500 cars abandoned at Dubai Airport. Perhaps it still is Dubai chalo, but this time only for second-hand car dealers looking for a bargain. * * * * * * * * * A select group of Lahore based businessmen and bankers were in for a rude shock when they were invited to the Governor House Punjab for an audience with the newly inducted Governor State Bank. They had assumed that that they will have an exclusive in-depth briefing from the intellectual poet keeper of the Central Bank but were dismayed to find that the front rows were reserved for the jiyala VIPs and that they were relegated to the seventh row. One of the complaining businessman suggested a walkout but he was confronted with a stony silence. Which businessman can afford to annoy a sitting government even if the host happens to be a businessman?