LAHORE-The Punjab Assembly was on Monday told about just one of the 'miracles of Ghhoggi Shah, believed to be a saint, who converted 1.5 marla land into a sprawling piece of six kanals in Faisalabad. As the story goes, Ghhoggi Shah, who is no more in this immortal world, 'did this miracle after his death. His custodians (Mujawars) buried him in a 1.5marla land adjacent to Chistia High School on Sargodha Road in Faisalabad; but within years, they were in possession of six kanals of land around the shrine, courtesy the 'miracle of Mr Shah. But PML-N legislator, Mohtarma Anjum Safdar does not believe in such Peers and their so-called miracles. To her, this is simply a case of encroachment on state land done by caretakers of Ghhoggi Shahs shrine, who might even be a fake entity. During assembly 'question hour on Monday, she told the House that a shrine was erected next to a school over 1.5 marla of land owned by Auqaaf department, but later on, the so-called caretakers encroached upon six kanals of school land originally comprising 13 kanals. The said piece of Auqaaf land (1.5 marla) was leased out to them against a nominal rent of Rs 40 a month, she further told. Unlike the contention of lady MPA, the Minister for Auqaaf, Ehsan-ud-Din Qureshi, told the chair that his department did not own any land near Chistia High School on Sargodha Road, and hence there was no question of its being leased out to the custodians of that shrine. Upon this, Anjum Safdar showed deed of ownership in favour of Auqaaf department to the Speaker obtained from departments own record, but the minister still insisted that this was not the case. He, however, assured the House that he would personally look into the matter to know the factual position. Giving details of the encroachment, Anjum told that caretakers had taken over the control of two rooms of the school besides one of its entrances. Sufi Fazal Hussain, the caretaker, buried his wife in the school premises near that shrine, thus turning it into a graveyard. Sufi himself got a place there when he died in February 2008, she further said. Later, talking to this scribe, Anjum Safdar said that Chishti brothers had also encroached upon a part of school land in connivance with DDO (R) and alleged that an illegal business of narcotics was going on at the shrine without any check. She said she met Punjab Chief Minister, Shahbaz Sharif on Monday in his assembly chambers and handed over the related documents to him for further perusal of the case. She hoped that Punjab CM would take action against the illegal occupants. Though, there is no dearth of stories about encroachment on state land in Pakistan, but the one which came to surface in Punjab Assembly was a unique one in the sense that usurpers first got one-and-half marla of land from Auqaaf department on lease, but only to make it a stepping stone to engulf more land adjacent to it. The connivance of Auqaaf and Revenue department officials can not be ruled out in this case as alleged by the lady legislator. It is also a fact that many such Ghhoggi Shahs exist in other parts of the country, whose so-called custodians are not only in illegal possession of the state land but also involved in running illegal trade of narcotics.