PRESIDENT Ahamdinejad has announced that Iran will start producing 20 percent enriched uranium from today at the Natanz plant. According to him, it is in line with the recent understanding reached with the UN and, moreover, the IAEA would also be informed about the development. It has also been made known that the move is part of the plan to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, including medical research. The processed fuel is to be used in the reactors for the production of medical isotopes. There is no denying his contention that the step had to be taken on account of the intransigence by the world powers, which have been deliberately turning a blind eye to the UN sponsored fuel deal. Their demand that Iran transfer most of its low enriched uranium in one go is unacceptable because at the end of the day it is anybodys guess whether the LEU will be returned in its necessary level of enrichment from abroad. And, if the past is any guide, it is most likely that the western powers will use the acquired LEU to subject Iran to blackmail. So, the Presidents position that it would transfer fuel only in small quantities is quite justified. It is a pity that once again there has been a barrage of criticism from the western capitals. This is unfortunate, as it shows their nuclear double standards. The statement by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that Iran is a 'real threat to the US would further ratchet up tensions. Such arrogance flies in the face of the Nobel Peace award given to President Obama and his so-called initiative to improve ties with the Muslim world. It is a crying shame that while Irans nuclear programme, which in the past had got a clean chit by the IAEA, is being seen as a threat to world peace, countries like Israel armed with a huge nuclear arsenal, guilty of state terrorism are being patronised. The US must play the game by the rules. The Obama Administrations uncompromising stand on the nuclear issue would serve no useful purpose.