As reported in the national papers, out of 53 companies that are manufacturing and supplying/distributing bottled mineral water in the country, 28 have been found unregistered and unlicensed. Another allegation is that the product these (unregistered, unlicensed) companies sell on the street is fake. As per the reports, the use of substandard water has caused widespread waterborne diseases. Curiously, though, even while providing information this serious to public; the papers have failed to disclose the names of the rogue companies who are playing with the health of masses. The media which includes newspapers like yours, is eyes and ears of the people. By not divulging names of the spurious manufacturers and their brand names, it has done a disservice to the public. The lapse is also to the detriment of manufactures that are supplying 'genuine mineral water in the market. -QAZI SALEEM, Old Hala, February 7.