EMILY Deschanel insists shes in no rush to get married. The Bones actress, 33, says she doesnt feel pressured into a finding a husband, so intends to take her time finding Mr Right. I am so happy my parents never made me worry about finding a husband, Emily told Parade magazine. Sometimes it does frustrate me that a lot of people assume you will get married and raise a family. You dont have to. But who knows? I may very well do both. Deschanel - whose sister is songwriter and musician Zooey Deschanel - also spoke about her childhood. We were always inspected before we left the house and if wed have one piece of lint on our outfit wed get called on it, she said of why she doesnt always look like a star. My mom was always going, 'Put on some lipstick. No wonder that I like being messy and occasionally look a little like a bag lady. Thats my rebellion. I like to run around with no make up on whatsoever. SS