ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Privatisation Senator Waqar Ahmad Khan said on Monday that dispute between Government and Etisalat would be resolved in the next month as former was ready to give due amount of $ 800 million to Pakistan within one month. While addressing a press conference here at Privatisation Commission, Waqar Khan on a question regarding due amount of PTCLs privatisation, said Etisalat would give US $ 800 million in one month, while later $ 300 million would be given in two instalments. He said, Government is bringing foreign experts for evaluation of the departments and organisations which are on the privatisation list to know their actual value. After evaluation, these departments and organisation would be privatised. In past, values of government assets were not truly evaluated, he added. Government is considering reverse merger of public sector entities for financial remodelling, the Minister said. He said, By value addition, we would increase the efficiency and competitiveness of State-Owned Entities (SOE) to maximise earning through their privatisation. By enhancing the cash value of SOE through value addition, we would get higher prices in the privatisation. He said foreign institutions and investors were showing their interest to invest in Pakistan despite poor law and order situation. He further said whole world knew that security conditions in Pakistan were improving day by day and conditions in the long run would become further friendly for business activities due to successful military operations. They (foreigners) also showed their keen interest to participate in the privatisation programme of the Government. He said, Out of 80 government entities, 23 are on the privatisation list including oil and gas and power companies and utility stores. He said only administrative control would be handed over to those who purchased 26 percent shares of any entity while strategic control would remain with the Government. Explaining the position about the privatisation of PTCL, he told three major companies had placed their bids while bidding of Etisalat was found better. Government would not allow privatisation of any entity in an irregular manner, he added. He told such entities which were running into loss would be privatised and transparency would be ensured in privatisation process. An independent board had been set up in this respect and the Minister for Privatisation would not be the member of this board so that the impression could be dispelled that privatisation process was influenced by political interference, he pointed out. He added that it would make the workers responsible for further improving the overall performance of the entity and their representation on the Board of Directors would directly involve them in the decision-making process for the progress of the entity, he said.