ISLAMABAD (Online) Advisor to the Prime Minister on Information Technology, Latif Khosa said that the government was in no hurry regarding the appointment of judges in the Supreme Court. Talking to media men here in the Parliament House, Latif Khosa underlined that the judges would be appointed in accordance with the Constitution and Law instead of on the basis of like and dislike of others. To a question, he said that President Asif Zardari had not yet taken any decision regarding the appointment of Lahore High Court (LHC) senior judge Saqib Nisar as judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan. He said that the appointment of judges in Supreme Court had been delayed due to the illness of Federal Law and Justice Minister Dr Babar Awan. The former Attorney General said: The Parliaments Committee on Constitutional Reforms is reviewing the procedure set in the Charter of Democracy (CoD) regarding the appointment of judges. He expressed his hope that the Constitutional Committee would agree on the issue of appointment of judges in the Apex Court.