KARACHI - Politicians on Monday challenged Interior Minister Rehman Malik for debate on Blackwater existence. Addressing a rally held in Lyari ahead of the tributes paid to slain Baloch Ittehad founder Anwar Bhaijan Baloch for his services for the social well-being of Baloch community in Karachi. Prominent speakers including leader of JUI Hafiz Hussain Ahmed, ANP General Secretary Sindh Amin Khattak and Shahzad Baloch. The rally was organised on the occasion of 5th death anniversary of Anwar Baloch who was shot dead in an incident of target killing on in 2005 in Chawkiwara area of Lyari. Participants of the rally chanted slogans against the policies of the government. They showed sorrow over the killing of the slain leader of Baloch Ittehad and struggle which he done for the rights of Baloch people in a peaceful manner. He worked for harmony and peace among different sections of the people in Karachi. Due to his unbiased approach in social and political relations, he would always be remembered, the speakers remarked. The rally was organised by the Karachi chapter of the Tehrik. The rally was led by Baloch Ittehad chairman Abid Husain Brohi. They criticised governments attitude towards the grievances of the Baloch people in Lyari and other parts of Karachi. Criticising the policy of the government, the JUI leader Hafiz Hussain Ahmed challenged the statement of Interior Minister Rehman Malik regarding the existence of Blackwater, saying that he is ready for an open debate on the issue. ANP provincial leader Amin Khattak said Anwar Baloch had been killed because he stood for the rights of the Baloch people. Peoples Aman Committee leader Uzair said there was no gang war in Lyari. He maintained that the whole city was in turmoil these days but there was complete peace in Lyari Town. The meeting also passed a number of resolutions demanding arrests of the killers of all Baloch leaders including Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and Balaach Marri. The meeting also demanded that demolition of Baloch and Sindhi Goths in Karachi should be stopped and forcible occupation of Gutter Baghicha land should be ended and all illegal structures from the site should be removed.