ISLAMABAD MQM legislator Syed Haidar Abbas Rizvi on Monday said that the government will have to create a sense of security among the general public before starting a disarmament drive particularly in Karachi and other parts of the country. Addressing the National Assembly during debate on the four identical adjournment motions relating to the target killings and law and order situation in Karachi, Rizvi said that MQM welcomes the decision of the federal government regarding disarmament. However, no weapon and ammunition was being made in Karachi, he added. He suggested the federal government to stop the supply of weapons in Karachi from the areas where they are being made. He said that Karachi has become the largest city of the country with over 20 million population. He said that 20 percent of its population is foreigners and around one million were Afghans in addition to Uzbeks and Chechens in the city. Haidar Abbas further said that the number of Sindh police personnel were too short to control the law and order situation. He said that the target killing was not only occurring in Karachi but also it is happening in DI Khan, NWFP and other areas of the country. He asked the federal government to provide resources to Karachi according to its population. However, S.A. Iqbal Qadri expressed the view that it was an administrative lapse that necessary security measures were not adopted and as a result the procession was targeted by terrorists first on Faisal Road and then outside the Emergency Ward of the Jinnah Hospital. Bushra Gohar regretted that frequent incidents of terrorism take place but seldom are the culprits apprehended. She said the process of reconciliation is appreciable but it should not be at the cost of lives of the citizens. Ch. Birjees Tahir said that it was an intelligence failure and questioned performance of the Interior Ministry. He called for strengthening of the institution and holding accountability of those involved in acts of violence and terrorism. Marvi Memon pointed out that it is responsibility of the government to provide necessary security to religious processions. He urged the government to sort out its differences with coalition partners so as to ensure smooth sailing of the governance. Syed Asif Hasnain said terrorists are targeting Karachi as it is an economic hub and their objective is to destabilise the country. He said that the enemy was trying to divide people on sectarian and linguistic lines. Shakeela Khanum Rasheed called upon all political leadership as well as ulema and intellectuals to ponder over the causes of violence and terrorism and suggest measures to rectify the situation. Parvez Khan Advocate said that people speaking different languages are living in Karachi and efforts should be made to promote harmony and understanding among them. He also called for de-weaponisation of the city. Tehmina Daultana, however, said that Blackwater is present in the country and is providing security to the Prime Minister and President. Earlier, talking on a point of order, Parliamentary Leader of PML-Q Faisal Saleh Hayat said that the federal government and Foreign Minister were saying that the composite dialogue was going to start with India but the latter had denied that these dialogues were not composite as they would discuss only Kashmir. Faisal further asked that the government should take all political parties on board before sending the Foreign Secretary to India. He criticised and condemned that the Foreign Ministers statement that the water issue was on top of the talks agenda. He said that Kashmir should be the top on the agenda. Responding to a calling attention notice, Minister for Health Makhdoom Shahabuddin said that the government was cognizant of the problem of efficient and safe disposal of hospital waste and taking steps for the purpose. He said that two incinerators costing 59 million rupees are to be installed at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) in Islamabad to ensure disposal of hospital waste. He said that apart from fulfilling the needs of the Polyclinic Hospital, the services of these incinerators would also be offered to private hospitals on payment. He said these incinerators do not produce dioxin, which is harzardous for environment. The Minister once again emphatically stated that there was no Blackwater presence in the country. He also denied speculation that Blackwater was providing security to the President, the Prime Minister or any Minister and said it was an insult to the country if we cannot provide security to our top leadership. He said that presence of Balckwater has not been established during investigations spread over the last two years. Later, newly elected MNA from NA-21 Mansehra-II, Laik Muhammad Khan of JUI(F), took oath as member. The house also offered Fateh for those killed recently in the terrorist attacks in Karachi and for the departed soul of prominent politician Ajmal Khattak. Members representing different parties also appreciated the services of late Ajmal Khattak for the cause of the country and democracy. They pointed out that he was a man of principles. The National Assembly also passed the Banking Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2009.