KARACHI - Board of Secondary Education Karachis (BSEK) new administration has vowed to root out corruption from the institute. For this purpose, it has started publishing an advertisement in the national newspapers against cheating mafia. According to advertisement, the BSEK administration has warned the culprits not to practice corruption again in the board as such wrongdoings and malpractices cannot be tolerated at any cost, a senior official of the board told The Nation on Tuesday. After the removal of the previous BSEK Chairman Brig (r) Muhammad Shafiullah Qureshi, the new administration of under the leadership of current BSEK Chairman Syed Anzar Hussain Zaidi has vowed to root out corruptions from the matric Board, while all administrative affairs that have been done by the previous administration are being critically examined. Recently, the new chairman of the board has had a meeting with the employees of the board and urged the employees to be contented with their legal income, and admonished those who are seeking new doors for their wrongdoings, he said. It is worth mentioning that 20 percent reduction in the examination fees is the most significant initiatives of the current administration. The BSEK chairman has resolved that his administration will take all possible measures to get control over the activities of cheating mafia in the board. When BSEK Chairman Syed Anzar Hussain Zaidi was contacted by The Nation, he said that the examinations of matriculation were scheduled and that would commence from 24 March, hence the administration had taken such decision apart from others to halt the ways of corruption through the examinations. He said, These are the crucial days for corrupt elements in term of minting money by selling and purchasing examination centres illegally. But the administration has committed to pull out criminal elements from the board. The objective of publishing the advertisement is to warn the corrupt elements from any unlawful activity at the board. He said that the feedback of all efforts that have been made under the new administration is quite good, because illegal activities have nearly been stopped at the board as compare to previous era. All employees of the board have been warned to stay away from any illegal or criminal activity; the administration has decided to take legal action against those employees who were found guilty of corruption, he said.