This is regarding the letter headlined 'Treason of dual nationalities published in your paper on February6. I beg to differ with the writer. As a British citizen of Pakistani origin, I have been disgusted to see the rising number of multi-million Pound properties being bought by Pakistani citizens in London in the last 15 years. Most of these properties are owned by members of Pakistans ruling establishment, or those recently retired from civil, khaki elite and they often hold dual nationalities, or at least have residential status here. Walk down the Edgeware Road London or St Johns and you would see expensive properties owned by Pakistanis, along with the rich Arabs who once had the lock on these neighborhoods. Former General Musharraf and many others including key members of an ethnic party own properties there. Two hotels located in Edinburgh, Scotland, are owned by Secretary General of a leading political party in Pakistan. Hardly any of these Pakistani origin residents have any declared sources of income in UK or much of an account in terms of declared legal assets or tax returns in Pakistan. The list includes many leading businessmen and even some members of the media. Manchester is another UK city popular with our desi wealth and scores of expensive properties have been bought here by our rich. For the information of your letter-writer, it is almost impossible to open a bank account in UK or rest of Europe unless you have residential status or work permit. It is common knowledge that some officials of PIA have also been involved in illegal money laundering and illegal hundi business. No sovereign state would allow dual-nationality holders to be given key executive assignments because of an obvious conflict of interest and split in loyalties. India does not allow this. While it is also true that not all dual-nationality holders are involved in corruption, all of them have the facility to move their ill-gotten assets abroad with ease and seek refuge here. And lets not forget that Pakistan is today suffering from an acute financial crisis because of the scourge of flight of capital. Out of the $8 billion being remitted to Pakistan by loyal expatriates, almost $6 to 7 billion is being funneled out by these corrupt people despite strict banking restrictions. Their dual-nationality or residential status, thus, helps in this illegal money laundering. The state of Pakistan should ensure that no individual holding dual-residential status is allowed to hold a key executive assignment in Pakistans state-owned organizations, our bureaucracy or allowed to hold any elected public office. -IRFAN BUTT, UK, February 6.