ISLAMABAD Interior Minister Rehman Malik informed the National Assembly that Sheikh Rashid Ahmad came under the attack when he was leaving his election office for campaign at 6:10 pm. In the attack, some four persons were killed while he along with another person sustained injuries. Pointing finger at someone for the attack is wrong and Punjab Government is investigating into the incident and let it do its job, he stated. He further said that if the Punjab Government required support of the Federal Government in the investigations, then it would be provided necessary assistance for the purpose. He, once again, cautioned against guessing about the persons behind the attack after pointed out by one of the members in his speech earlier. Once again, denying presence of Blackwater in Pakistan, Rehman Malik also rejected the notion that it (Blackwater) was hired for security of the President or Prime Minister of Pakistan. He said that it would no less than an insult that any foreign agency was engaged for the security of the President or Prime Minister and said that the countrys law enforcement agencies were competent enough to do the job. He also urged the chair to expunge the utterance of one of the member of the House in this connection. He further urged the members that before making a statement on the floor of the National Assembly, they should check the facts. He also denied that he was having the security squad of 40 vehicles. I do not have a total of 40 vehicles in the Ministry, so what to speak of having such a number of vehicles in my security fleet, he added. Soon after the speech of PML-N MNA, Ms Tahmina Doltana, wherein she said that Blackwater was hired for the security of the President and Prime Minister, the PM, who was sitting in the House, had a chat with PML-N Chief Whip, Sheikh Aftab about the utterance of Ms Doltana. In the meantime, Premier Gilani also had a word with Ms Doltana while couple of PPP federal ministers including Syed Naveed Qamar and Qamaruz Zaman Kaira walked up to her and advised her not to make comment on any matter on the floor of the House about which she had no solid evidence. Earlier, Ms Tahmina Doltana said that the members had turned the House into chitchat forum, where no serious matter could be debated. She said that the members of both opposition and treasury benches were completely oblivious of the peoples problems, who were suffering and most of them were not even able to afford two square meals. She stressed the Governments spending on rulers luxuries should be curtailed and spent on the welfare of the poor people. She also came down hard on the Americans, Britons and other foreign elements for subjugating the country and asked the rulers to stop playing in their hands and break the shackles of slavery to live like free and independent nation. She regretted that the Government could not provide protection to the most revered personalities like President and Prime Minister and the Blackwater was hired for their security. She further said that the Interior Minister was having a security fleet of 40 vehicles while the common citizens were being killed brutally all over the country. She further stated that there were no security arrangements to protect the lives and properties of the common people. She also expressed concern over the armed assault on Sheikh Rashid Ahmad.