ISLAMABAD (APP) - Scattered rains occurred in the Barani areas would cast positive impact on crops resulting in more yield. Director General Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) Arif Mehmood told APP that scattered rains followed by snowfall over the hills had been recorded in parts of the country during last three days. The current rains enabled the farmers heave a sigh of relief due the positive impact of rains form their crops specially in the Barani Areas. Barani areas inclouding Rawalpindi and Hazara divisions lack proper irrigation system where the farmers store waters in ponds to irrigate their fields. The DG said that the affects of El-Nino phenomenon, which was blocking rains has decreased resulted in good amount of rains across the country. However, the heavy snowfall over the hills in Kalam, Skardu, Astore, Murree and Galliat was recorded during last 48 hours. Arif said that the intensity of present rainspell will subside tonight. However the rainspell will end till Tuesday night making weather clear and pleasant. The rains will slightly improve the water level in the reservoirs but it will end foggy conditions in the plain areas of Punjab. Meanwhile, CDAs Director General Water Management Wing Sanaullah Aman said that intermittent rains since last four days in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi could make no significant surge in water reservoirs of the federal capital. The level of water in reservoirs surged only by 0.2 feet. Level in Simly Dam is depleting due to constant drawl of water for citys consumption, he said. He said the water level in Simly Dam, the main water reservoir of the federal capital has been recorded as 2259 million gallons which was previously recorded as 2260 before start of current rain spell. He said water level in Khanpur Dam has been reduced to seven feet that is far less than the required level to cater for water need of city. Aman said in fact Simly Dam area, located at 80m high earthen embankment on the Soan River, could not receive desired rains rather the area received snowfall, contrary to other parts of the federal capital which received up to 42 mm rains. The Simly Dam area received two feet snowfall and lesser rains. It is expected that further rains may fall on Monday evening that may bring some ray of hope for the people as well as the CDA, said the DG. However, he said the surge in water level might be witnessed within a couple of days after the snow melts and further rainfall in the area. He said the CDA was effectively pursuing its plan to avert any drought and ensure steady water supply to residents as maintenance of outdated water works has been initiated. He said if another such spell occurs, the water table would surge, helping some dysfunctional tube wells to restore supply.