MUZAFFARABAD At least six persons were killed and four wounded in the continuous rain on Monday, police said. A trader Nasir Mehmood, his friends Khan and their driver were killed as jeep they were riding skid off the road due to snow near the tourist peak Peer Chanasi some 20-km east of Muzaffarabad Sunday evening. Besides, a woman Naheeda and her adolescent son were also buried in their house that caved in Ranjata area in the remote upper part of the city police further told. Another businessman Shoukat shah was buried alive under a massive landslide in Marbel area of Neelum valley north of Muzaffarabad while crossing the road, witnesses told. Muzaffarabad-Srinagar and Muzaffarabad Neelum roads are also closed due to heavy landslides and cannot be cleared until rain stops as landslides and heavy rocks are continuously falling in wake of heavy rain. The number of villages facing electricity failure have increased and shortage of food item was also reported in remote areas. The attendance in the govt offices remained low on Monday as most of the govt employees coming to capital from adjoining areas could not reach the offices due to closure of main and link roads. APP adds: At least five persons including mother and daughter died and nine others injured in rain-related incidents in Swat and Shangla districts on Sunday, police said. The first incident occurred at district Shangla when a heavy avalanche fell on the house of Haya Khan in mountainous area of Bazar Kot. Resultantly, three people including Zarsanga and her daughter Haleema and Rasheeda wife of Rehmat Khan died on the spot while and a child sustained injuries. The flash flood and continued torrential rain brought havoc to the standing crops in these districts and communication system has partially disrupted in some areas of these districts due to land sliding. The water surface at low laying area including Mankoot, Mula Baba, Akhtarabad, Margoz, Faiz Abad and Bangladesh in Swat has disrupted normal routine life and people preferred to remain in door. At Mandara near Kohistan, a heavy avalanche fell on a truck, kiling the driver and injuring two others. Likewise, in Dir-Kohistan, one Shamsi died and his three children sustained injuries when a heavy avalanche fell on their house.