LAHORE - Iranian Consul General Saeed Kharazi has stated that the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan is need of hour, which was jeopardising the security in the region. Addressing a news conference at the Iranian Consulate to mark the 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution of Iran on Monday, Saeed Kharazi said terrorism is one of the biggest challenges that the world and especially our region was facing at the moment. Unfortunately it has been imposed on our region by foreign countries. He said the Islamic Republic of Iran believes that terrorism can only be curbed if foreign forces are expelled from the region and regional countries start cooperating with each other for the progress and development of the region. Kharazi said the double standard and discriminatory policies of the West are the real cause of terrorism. He said, Iran and Pakistan enjoy friendly relations and if the two countries work together they can play leading role in the region, he said. Though apparently the western countries are raising slogans against terrorism but in fact they are fully supporting Zionist Regime for state terrorism, which is the exponent of such misfortune. The most heinous crimes and day-to-day incidents in Gaza are the real examples of such double standards. He said Iranian government has provided evidence to Government of Pakistan about banned militant outfit Jundullah, which is involved in series of terrorist activities in Iran. He said the Iranian government has demanded that Pakistan should take action to halt the activities of Jundullah, which conducted blasts in Zahidan city. He said major projects like gas pipeline, export of electricity and rail service from Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul will further strengthen relations between the two countries. To a question, he said Iran had completed its work on the Pakistan-Iran pipeline and was awaiting Pakistan response for the implementation of the project. Kharrazi said Iran would not rollback its atomic programme at any cost. He said Islamic Revolution has brought a great deal of achievements for the people of Iran at various stages. Self-reliance, confidence and dignity in comity of nations are among major achievements that they received through the courtesy of this Revolution. Iran has made clear that she will not roll back her nuclear programme, which is the biggest achievement after Islamic Revolution. Irans scientists are making efforts to utilise indigenous resources for acquiring nuclear energy for peaceful purpose based on mutual commitments with IAEA. He said Iran believes that all countries and nations must have the right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purpose and only a few countries should not have monopoly in this sector. He made it clear that the recent assassination of an Iranian scientist is an effort to demoralise Iranian scientists.