Threats continue to be hurled at Islamabad both directly and indirectly vis--vis Pakistans nuclear assets. These threats must be taken seriously because they are coming from none other than our old ally, USA. Reports emanating from Washington DC quote two top US officials, Defence Intelligence Agency Director Lt Gen Ronald Burgess and Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair and they indicate the US interest in our nuclear arsenal is now paramount. They have been reported to have said that Pakistans nuclear arsenal are safe for the time but, at the same time, vulnerable too. The US officials have been citing the thwarted attempt of the militants on the GHQ Rawalpindi, Pakistan Armys headquarters. My reading of these reports is that they smack of Washingtons evil intentions about our nuclear assets. I believe our nuclear assets are in safe hands, as has been stated time and again by the President, Prime Minister, Defence Minister and our Army Chief. Washington, though, is steadfast in its efforts to somehow reach our nuclear arsenal. It is also trying to gain access to our nuclear scientists, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan being top of the list. In view of these facts, it cannot be emphasized enough that these threats should be taken seriously and safety measures related to our nuclear assets and scientists should be bolstered to ward off any possible danger to them. -QAZI EHSANUL HAQ, Lahore, February 6.