PRESIDENT Nicolas Sarkozy father Pal is to exhibit surrealist paintings of his son and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy at a Paris gallery in April. Critics have mocked the kitsch canvases of Pal Sarkozy, 82, a former advertising designer. But thanks to his famous son and daughter-in-law his huge paintings will grace the select Espace Pierre Cardin in a one-man show. The centrepiece will be a large canvas of Carla, the former supermodel and singer who married the French president in 2008. It depicts her strumming a guitar while seated on a piano. Her husband is featured nearby at his desk. The canvas was a wedding present for Carla, whom Pal describes as an adorable girl who has helped to bring father and son closer after years of estrangement. There is a rose on the piano, says Pal in a text promoting the show, as a symbol of the openness of Nicolas to the political Left, but also an emblem of love. Pal Sarkozy, a minor Hungarian aristrocrat who arrived penniless in Paris in 1948, has previously exhibited in Hungary and Spain. Telegraph He recently admitted in Le Figaro Magazine his painting career had been given a huge boost by his famous son, whose position helps me enormously. Biographers suggest that President Sarkozy had a very difficult relationship with his father, who abandoned his mother and her three sons when Nicolas was five. He once famously told his young son, whose school marks were mediocre, that: With the name you carry and the results you obtain, you will never succeed in France. Telegraph