MULTAN Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Monday Pakistans case on Kashmir and water was based on truth, and the government would fight it with full strength. Neither will we bow before India nor come into her trap, Qureshi declared categorically while addressing a public gathering and news conference here in his constituency. He said talks would consider all issues, and both the countries would also point out their reservations on the table. He elaborated that talks would be held on table and not through media statements. According to him, India had herself suspended the dialogue process, but now she expressed willingness to restore ties and resume the talks. Weve always upheld the stance that we want to settle all issues through talks. Weve stood firmly because our stand is just and strong, he added. He said the opinion expressed by 80 foreign ministers of different countries facilitated Pakistanis to raise their head with honour during recently-held London conference on Afghanistan. They all recognised the efforts, bravery and courage of Pakistan Army in war against terrorists. They admitted though Pakistani nation paid heavy price in combating terrorism, yet it exhibited utmost unity and defeated insurgents, he added. He stressed that it was the verdict of entire international community that Pakistan should be supported as the latter fought against terrorism firmly. Citing the example of Afghan president, he said that Karzai used to criticise Pakistan two years back but now he was supporting the idea of backing Pakistan. To a query, he said the government made some difficult decisions like increase in petrol, gas and other commodities prices in the larger interest of the nation and country. We know a certain portion of the society lives below poverty line. We know about financial hardships of the people but we had to make some bitter decisions for better future, he claimed, adding these decisions would yield fruits three years after now. According to him, terrorism was at its peak when PPP came into power but the party decided not to surrender before the miscreants. We decided to fight against them and now I can assure you that no one can harm democracy, he added. He said the incumbent government would accomplish its term and hold next elections as per schedule. I wish the country developed the tradition of peaceful power transition. It will strengthen the democracy, he hoped. Referring to governments steps, he said PPP promoted the politics of principles as the government did not take any vindictive action against any one. He said the country treaded the path leading to prosperity despite financial hardships. He said the government scored commendable achievements in short time as it ensured just distribution of resources through NFC award. He said projects to introduce new varieties of cotton and rice were in the pipeline as Pakistani scientists were working on them with their Chinese counterparts. With these new varieties, our production will increase three times, he hoped. He said the textile sector had also started making progress. Earlier, he inaugurated many development projects in his constituency.