LONDON (AFP) - A British court jailed a senior Scotland Yard police officer for four years on Monday for attacking a man and trying to frame him in a petty row over money. Ali Dizaei, 47, was convicted of misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice following a four-week trial in London, and given a sentence that the judge said was intended as a deterrent for others. The jury heard how Iranian-born Dizaei had met his victim, 24-year-old Iraqi businessman Waad al-Baghdadi, in a west London restaurant run by a friend of the police officer in July 2008. The Iraqi approached Dizaei, who held the high rank of commander, and asked him for 600 pounds (940 dollars, 685 euros) he was owed for building a website for him. The policeman grew angry and confronted Baghdadi in a nearby side street where a scuffle took place and the Iraqi was roughly arrested and handcuffed. Dizaei called for back-up and when the officers arrived, he handed them the metal mouthpiece of a shisha pipe that was held on Baghdadis keyring and claimed that he had been stabbed with it. However, a doctor later concluded that two red marks on Dizaeis torso did not match the pipe and were probably self-inflicted. When Baghdadi was told he would not be charged, he complained about his treatment and suspicions were raised-marking the beginning of the end of Dizaeis 24-year career with Londons Metropolitan Police. The public entrust the police with considerable powers and with that comes considerable responsibility. Mr. Dizaei abused that power and ignored that responsibility, said Gaon Hart of the Crown Prosecution Service. Sentencing him at Londons Southwark Crown Court, the judge told Dizaei that his jail term included a deterrent element to send a clear message that police officers of whatever rank are not above the law. He told the police officer: You knew how the system worked and you thought you would never be discovered. It is to the credit of the investigators in this case that early on they questioned your account.