ISLAMABAD Amid hue and cry over the failure of London Conference without yielding any worthy outcome, the United Nations, in a surprising move, has 'welcomed the results of the same moot. The United Nations Security Council on Friday has come up with all praises for the controversial London moot, which has faced enormous criticism from media, key regional players, and Taliban as well thanks to its contradictory and impractical agenda. Unlike the past, when the UNSC had adopted a tougher stance on the inefficiency of Afghan regime, drug trafficking, flawed presidential elections, rampant corruption, declining writ of the government and grim administrative shortcomings evident in the Karzai led regime, the international body in stark deviation from its previous stance, surprised some of its own officials by welcoming the controversy-ridden London moot. The UNSC was appreciative of two particular decisions which were taken in the London Conference; allocations of funds for stability in Afghanistan and devising a strategy to handing over Afghanistans control to its forces. It asks for a recall here that the United Nations had again pinpointed corrupt practices in Afghan regime with regard to monetary matters. Last months report of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime revealed that 60 percent of Afghans had paid over $2.5m to their corrupt rulers as bribes in the last 12 months. A UN official from Afghanistan had rightly pointed out at a reception ceremony some time back when he said, In Kabul, you have to first bribe them (police) then theyll visit your house even if your place is being robbed in daylight. The surprised official now says he fails to comprehend the logic behind UNSCs Fridays statement. I dont know what made them to do so at this point of time, he shares requesting to stay unnamed. United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon had told the Security Council last month Afghanistan had reached at a critical juncture after a challenging year of difficult elections, a deteriorating security situation and doubts about the strategies of the government and the international community. The UN Chief and minced no words to slam flawed presidential elections held under the supervision of present regime Too often, flawed elections have led to greater instability. This cannot be allowed to happen in Afghanistan, he had said, pressing Afghan government to play its role in addressing the key challenges that Afghanistan faced. Ban-Ki Moon, in his report on flawed Afghan presidential elections, had further observed, If the negative trends are not corrected, there is a risk that the deteriorating overall situation will become irreversible. We cannot afford this. The situation cannot continue as is, if we are to succeed in Afghanistan. Unity of effort and greater attention to key priorities are now a sine qua non. There is a need for a change of mindset in the international community, as well as in the Afghan government. Without that change, the prospects of success will diminish further. Other top UN officials had also openly expressed their reservations and concerns over the situation in Afghanistan. Unless those negative trends were reversed soon, there was a great risk that the situation would become unmanageable. Kai Eide, UNAMA head was quoted as saying. The concerns of the UN about Afghanistan, as highlighted and repeated by its different sub-organs in various international forums, primarily emanate from corruption, drugs, and security situation in the country. Regarding corruption, London moot set an 'independent accountability board and a high office to control drugs smuggling and trafficking, both the offices would work under Afghan government that would also have direct access to donors funds to be allocated for Afghanistans rehabilitation. The same government with a highly questionable record regarding transparency would manage the entire affair, yet again. Besides, steps taken on security front, in the light of London moot, do not reflect a very encouraging picture as well. The other day NATO pressed its allies to send trainers in Afghanistan while US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates had said, More and more trainers are needed, in the wake of any uniform and cohesive policy in this regard. On every count situation in Afghanistan has not improved even a bit, I wonder what lead our colleagues at the Security Council to welcome London moot said a cautious UN official here, who refused to comment on this issue any further. Better inquire from UNSC, thats all I can say, he suggested.