A leading British newspaper has run a hair-raising story that says that India is planning to mount what it called the “Fall of Dhaka” sort of an operation to wrest Azad Kashmir from Pakistan. We know that the Indian strategy has been from day one inclined to such adventures; it did after all rush its army into the valley seeing the opportunity immediately after Pakistan’s independence. On the other hand, the Indian Minister for Commerce has stated that talks on trade would continue despite the tension. Definitely New Delhi stands to gain a lot from the bilateral trade but the contrasting statement represents just the kind of double-dealing that is being meant to trap the doves in Islamabad. Among the international observers worried by the conflict is the OIC that has called on India to let human rights organisations visit the valley. There are hundreds of mass graves apart from the daily acts of terror that so far only a few brave journalists have documented but which remain hidden from the world at large.

At first, it is necessary for the current state of denial that the present PPP dispensation is suffering from to dissipate. The army has to watch out for any such move to catch it off guard. The best defence is not to let our guard down, and last but not least concede no ground unless the resolution of the Kashmir issue is achieved.