Once the floods enter the city, one cannot stand on the embankments to save themselves. The flood must be stopped out of the city before it reaches your house or the destruction will be complete and no individual will then be able to stop the flood. Today, the torrential rain of doctrinal differences has soaked us and its destruction has already touched our territories. If we do not stand united against it, we will all be the victims.

At least 50 deaths take place every week in Karachi alone. Every sect is facing the same insecurity; none of them can say that their lives are safe. Everyone is trapped in the same whirlpool of insecurity. The inevitability of death cannot be questioned but the manner is something one cannot bear. This situation is forcing everyone to think, “is this how our future is going to be? Gunned down by some unknown bullet or massacred like filthy worthless creatures?” Is this why we were born, our only fault is that we are Pakistanis?

We must stand united because it’s not just genocide; it’s the decimation of entire humanity. It’s not just any single religion, sect or class or race that has been targeted, it’s the complete nation. Whosoever is accountable for the gruesome and inhuman killing of innocent people is not among us. The delusion of staying aloof from the surroundings shall now be erased from our minds. This is not the time to think individually but to stand united, for our integrity and survival.


Karachi, February 7.