In the presence of numerous other conundrums, a new Pandora’s Box on Kargil war has been opened. The revelations made by a retired Lt Gen Shahid Aziz in his book ‘Yeh Khamoshi Kahan Tak? Aik Sipahi Ki Daastan-e-Ishq-o-Junun’ has given birth to several controversies and after a decade the subject is again very much in the debate. The first and foremost that strikes is the ‘timings’ of this revelation. Why so late? Why to reveal now?

It has regrettably become a trend that people after retiring are coming up with such disclosures about institutions they served and should have a high regard for. Shahid Aziz must have strong affiliation with the army as his father and brother both served in the armed forces and his son is in the army too. His book, however, does not exactly support this argument.

In his book, he explicitly blames the Pakistan Army’s institution in the name of ‘truth’. After enjoying many years of retirement Lt Gen Shahid Aziz is suddenly caught up into ‘Kargil fever’ and as a result various factual or fictional avowals are coming up. The retired lieutenant general who was Director General Military in his interview on TV condemned Gen Musharraf for his decisions and policies. While criticizing he stated that Musharraf was not used to sharing details and when the Kargil Operation began in the spring of 1999, it was known only to Musharraf, Chief of General Staff Lt Gen Mohammad Aziz, Force Command Northern Areas chief Lt Gen Javed Hassan and 10 Corps Commander Lt Gen Mahmud Ahmad.

The debate has also been dragged in another book ‘Witness to Blunder: Kargil Story Unfolds’ by former member of ISI – a Pakistan Army Colonel Hussain. The facts about Kargil war are still ambiguous but one thing is very clear that these revelations are maligning the Pakistan army.

At this point of time when Pakistan is already facing various issues, his ‘revolutionary movement’ is increasing the existing rumpus. The bottom line is that the whole episode damaged Pakistan’s standing in international world. Bringing military’s internal issues on screen is an institutional violation itself and he should be prosecuted under the Army Secret Act. Besides, there should be some rule and regulation in the military for such sensitive revelations.


Lahore, February 4.