ISLAMABAD - The launching of donor coordination forum for trade and development by the Government of Pakistan under the Ministry of Commerce (MoC) is first step to efficiently synchronise the resources, which are allocated for the trade development in Pakistan.

Munir Qureshi, Secretary Commerce, stated this on Friday during the launch of donor Coordination Forum on Trade and Development. “Donors have generously supported the MoC, different agencies in the Government of Pakistan and other stakeholders with analysis on trade issues along with development of synergies and/or recommendation on mechanism how to cope with those and emerging issues,” he stated. He appreciated International Finance Corporation for its commitment to support the trade facilitation for Pakistani exporters at Wagha Border and other trade policy initiatives.

He said creation of first ever Donor Coordination Forum under the umbrella of MoC is aimed at developing a mechanism through meetings and sub groups formation to streamline knowledge sharing among the development partners about their activities not only to help avoid overlaps but to more intrinsically promote coordination and meaningful collaboration in economic development process of Pakistan.

The creation of forum is an outcome of the initiative undertaken by the  Trade Related Technical Assistance (TRTA II) Programme.

, funded by the EU and implemented by United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), being run in cooperation with the government of Pakistan, through its various organisations, to provide support to Pakistan in building its capacity to address trade related issues thereby fostering its integration into the world economy and contributing to poverty alleviation.