At least one person was killed and three others sustained injuries in an explosion near Kachlak police station in Quetta on Saturday.

According to media reports, either an explosive device planted in a car or the CNG cylinder fitted inside it, burst at a stones throw from the Kachlak Police Station.

A powerful blast took place near Kachlak Police Station which also smashed the windows of nearby houses.

The bang of the blast was heard miles around. A number of buildings in the neighborhood including Kachlak police station, which may have been the target of the attack, were partially damaged as the blast sent parts of the car flying around.

Security forces cordoned off the area and jumped into action fearing more explosive devices could be in the area. The hectic search bore fruit.

Moreover, it is said that the blast took place when a man was planting explosive near the police station.

Police and FC cordoned off the area and initiated investigation in the blast.