LAHORE -  Airport Security Force (ASF) on Friday claimed to have arrested a female passenger trying to travel on a Riadh bound flight and recovered 750 gram Heroin from her possession at Allama Iqbal international airport, said spokesman of ASF here.

The accused had concealed narcotics in an extra large Shampoo bottle, in her sensitive parts of body and also had swallowed capsules of the heroin.

He said that Robina Bibi in her late 40s was supposed to travel for Raidh by Shaeen airline flight NL-729. She successfully crossed search counters of Anti Narcotics Force and Customs at airport and even first search counter of ASF.

When she reached second search counter of ASF her luggage was checked by the ASF staff and one of the ASF officers objected on the extra big shampoo bottle. Since as per laws only 100 ml liquid was allowed to carry on International travel. When this bottle was checked some solid material was detected which was heroin. Then ASF female staff arrested the said lady and during body search more heroin was recovered concealed in sensitive parts of the body. Then she was scanned and passed through X-rays in which it was established that she had swallowed the heroin filled capsules also. Accused was handed over to ANF for further action. The accused woman is resident of Thokar Niaz Baig and got her passport issued in 2012.

As per passport record it was her first visit. ANF spokesman said that since she was travelling in batch of 46 Ummrah passengers so her luggage could not be thoroughly checked.

It was not possible to check 100 percent passengers of a flight. ANF senior officials have announced cash prize and appreciation certificates for the ASF staffers who detected the said heroin, claimed ASF spokesman.


A father of three was shot dead by unidentified motorcyclists at the doorstep of his house in Hanjarwal. Police said that resident of Husnain Park, Zafar Iqbal, went outside after a phone call. As he opened the door, unidentified motorcyclists shot him dead and fled on the two-wheeler.  The police are investigating.