Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan Chairperson of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) are reluctant to opt for full fledged war. This decision springs from the fact that both leaders don’t want to lose their vote bank, PML-N and PTI are both anti secular and liberal ideology political party. Both leaders have been appeasing the Taliban by calling them ‘our own people’, ignoring the fact that Tehreek-e-Taliban is an umbrella organization of 60 militants group having proximity with Al-Qaeeda and loyalties with Dr Aymen al Zawahiri. Their agenda is to destroy the USA and its allies in the region.

Prime Minister’ decision to give Taliban another chance by holding peace talks, when it is a well known fact that their desire is to enforce Saudi Shariah in Pakistan and declare himself Ameer-ul-Mommeenen. This is not the first time that Govt is having talks with militants. Unfortunately our leaders don’t want to learn from history. The people of Pakistan have been suffering due to lack of a strong and decisive statesman who could have pulled the country out of the crisis, and put it on the right path as envisioned by Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

It seems the PML-N, PTI, JI, JUI(S), JUL (F) don’t believe that flushing of terrorists is in the national interest? It is now over 30 years that our country is suffering due to non-state actors, militants.

I must salute the new Chief of Army Staff understanding that the country is facing danger of its existence due to the terrorism and sectarianism to responds with full force in case of any attacks on security forces, which should also include attacks on civilians. The apologists and sympathizers of the TTP must have informed the TTP about COAS decision that has forced them to come to the table for talks after the air attacks on the hide outs of the militant in North Waziristan recently.


Lahore, February 4.