There are no human rights in Pakistan only ‘money’ rights. Power lies in the hand of few who do not want to bring any change for the better in the country. State machinery has not worked on this issue at all. Pakistan is a human rights slaughterhouse for its citizens on the basis of ethnicity, religion and political affiliation; every day innocent peoples are killed in suicide bomb attacks and target killings, ethnic groups and minorities abduction and brutalities has become a common practice. Every day women and girls are targeted in honor killing, gang rape, burnt and forced for vani during the conflict settlement of two tribes by the so-called feudal notables of jrgas.

Recently a panchayat in Muzaffargarh district has slapped the state on the face and society by passing an order of gang rape with a 40 year old widow; the decision was merely made to avenge an illicit relationship between a woman from the family of the rapist and the brother of rape victim. Of course, this incident got inspiration from the case of Muktara Mai and we all believed that it couldn’t happen again- if the culprits of Mukhataran Mai case had been dealt with an iron hand.

The ongoing minority and sectarian violations in Pakistan also is a matter of concern, as in one of the deadliest suicide attack on the Christian minority on All Saints Church in Peshawar speaks volumes. Meanwhile the issue of missing persons has remained unresolved, in spite of ex-Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry’ innumerable suo moto notices and special hearings. Beside this, the collusion and collaboration of monopolist, inherent-feudal and their control over liberal, democratic and political parties has also demoralized the democratic values. Now there is a wide need of social and political will to change the illusions to reality, and it could be possible through wise and sensible help with proper use of media and involving all the stake holders in a consistence process of monitoring and social accountability of all the institutions.


Shikarpur, February 5.