LAHORE - After a long lull, bombers have started arriving in the Punjab province to carry out suicide missions. The botched bombing in Khanewal district on Friday which left two elite police personnel dead is a case in point. Reportedly, the bomber blew himself up as the police and intelligence personnel stopped a suspected vehicle at a checkpoint.

A suicide bomber killed 13 persons, including eight soldiers and three children, and wounded 29 others in Royal Artillery Bazaar close to General Headquarters in Rawalpindi on January 20.

Relatively the suicide attacks deceased to a great extent across the country particularly in the Punjab during the last couple of years. According to statistics, at least 5965 persons have been killed in no less than 387 suicidal attacks across the country since 2002. Also, the deadly attacks also left more than 12379 persons with serious injuries. The country witnessed worst spate of attacks in 2009 when 949 persons died in 76 suicide attacks.

In December, Saudi Arabia's Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh branded suicide bombers as “criminals” who will go to “Hell.” Suicide bombings are “great crimes” and bombers are “criminals who rush themselves to hell by their actions, Sheikh had stated during a lecture in Riyadh. The grand Mufti of the Islamic world had also described suicide bombers as “robbed of their minds... who have been used (as tools) to destroy themselves and societies.”  It seemed that the Taliban terrorists instead of learning from the grand’s Mufti’s decree are still going in the opposite direction by committing suicide attacks. Their activities are part of a conspiracy to defame Islam and destroy Muslims and they are enemies of Islam and the Muslims as they commit crimes against humanity, misguide fellow Muslims especially the innocent youth.  The Muslims (people of faith) would refrain from such violent acts of criminal activity after listening or paying attention to the Fatwa issued by no other than the Muft-e-Azam from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His assertions contain a very useful lessons and thought-provoking ideas for the terrorists. Taliban must understand that their acts of suicide bombing are not only unjust and illegal but also fall under the category of Haram.  Violent acts of terrorism especially the suicide bombings are denounced by the entire Muslim world. Islam teaches tolerance and rejects ideas of extremism. If Taliban call themselves as Muslims they must reconsider their tactics of using human beings as their suicide bombers to achieve their power motives.

Since the nation is raising voice against suicide bombings, the terrorists must abandon the forbidden practices.  Islam is the religion of peace and harmony that stresses respects of humanity and other religions. Contrary to the teachings of Islam, the terrorists always attempt to exploit the ideological differences of various sects of Muslims. They carry out atrocious activities and repellent rhetoric to hurt the sentiments of divergent sects in the country.

Recently, over 100 Ulemas, Mashaikhs and scholars asked the TTP terrorists to desist from subversive activities in the country. They also called for dealing firmly with terrorists which are creating anarchy.  Now, it is up to the Taliban leadership to make the dialogue process a success, as they are the main stakeholders and relevant party to end the impasse as the government has once again given Taliban a chance to bring peace. But they are still following wrong path and with false objectives. Wisdom must prevail upon the TTP leadership to save this country from violence.

This country belongs to all Pakistanis and no one can impose his self declared agenda. Since the Taliban have been challenging the writ of the government, a military action against them is logically needed. Therefore, Taliban must avail this chance and show their sincerity to participate in the peace dialogue otherwise it may become too late. The TTP commanders must realize that they cannot go on fighting to win a war against the state.  Ultimately they will have to surrender. To restore bring, the militants must stop violent acts of terrorism at once and accept the constitution besides joining the dialogue process for the sake of Islam.