The PML-N lawmaker from PP-289 constituency sensitised the Punjab governor to his areas’ problems and backwardness, and demanded early completion of various developmental and educational projects.

MPA Mehboob Ahmad Khan met with Ch Muhammad Sarwar at the Governor House on his invitation. The former felicitated the latter over the grant of GSP Plus status by the European Union to Pakistan. The MPA also invited him to his constituency.

He demanded completion of Nashtar Ghat bridge and beginning of work at the educational projects of IT University and Cadet College in a bid to address the backwardness and remove deprivation of the local people. The governor assured him that he would play a key role in early completion of the projects in South Punjab. He said that with the grant of GSP Plus status to Pakistan, the country had got access to European markets. He said that Pakistan is better than the other regional countries regarding business-friendly environment. He noted that by promoting the real image of Pakistan, the local and foreign businessmen could be attracted for investment in Pakistan.

WATER PLANTS REPAIRED: After repair, the government has again made functional the six water filtration plants installed in Sadiqabad for provision of potable water to the citizens, claimed local PML-N spokesman.

The plants were repaired by Toseef Enterprises, a company which installs water treatment plants. Earlier, a medical expert had stressed a need for provision of potable water for the citizens of Sadiqabad through the establishment of six water filtration plants each in the six union councils of the tehsil. He said that after the fulfilment of the long delayed demand by the setting up of water plants, the big water reservoirs of Tehsil Council would be no more in need and the citizens would get potable water at their doorsteps.

On the occasion, Dr Amin Chaudhry also praised the Punjab minister’s efforts in getting special funds for development of the area. He lauded the reconstruction of dilapidated Kacha Shahi Road which had developed craters and ditches and caused accidents.