Simple, elegant and chic are the words that perfectly define the brand of the talented and promising fashion designer Eurm Khan. Designing for the women who want to look effortlessly glamorous, the design’s dresses are more than a mere fashion statement; they are designed to enhance the personality.

Eurm joined the fashion industry in year 2009. A force  to reckon with when it comes to couture creation, she designs casual , formal , semi-formal and bridal  dresses for those ladies who love traditional outfits for their wardrobe.

Eurm is passionate about designing clothes.  A true couturier at heart, her collection always defies expectation. Her eye catching designs stand out for their blend of eastern and western cuts and abstract forms which accentuate by vivacious trimmings. “Designing is my passion . I am a painter. I have also done MBA marketing but personally I always feel I should be in the field of fashion designing.”

When asked that how she set on this journey, she told, “Almost three years back, I joined the fashion industry. I used to design my own clothes which were always appreciated so I thought I could lay hands on designing.

“I started from a very small scale with only two people on board and now after a short span of time, I have many clients.”

A painter at heart, Eurm thinks that anything can inspire a designer be it nature or its colours. “I think I am very much inspired from nature. I choose colours from there,” said Eurm.

Working on unconventional patterns and colour combinations, the lady is very particular about her designs, “My work is very integrated. I do very unusual colour combination. If I am going with red then the work on that outfit would be different and delicate.”

Eurm believes, for a designer quality takes precedence over all things else, she loves to make bridal dresses. “When I work on bridal, I love to play with colours, embellishments and a lot of things going with it so making a bridal collection is very lively for me. At the end of the day people are going to pay for the work you have done.”

She has her own definition for a perfect client, “ a client with a taste and with money.” 

She strives to create a different identity or niche for her clients, “As a sole trader you won’t be able to serve everyone, so I focus what is the best. I try to stay flexible and listen to the feedback and then I create work for niche class who will buy my outfits.”

The designer shot to fame with her impeccable work. However she is not the only force behind her success, “My husband has always supported me. Without his encouragement, I would not be able to be here. My parent’s prayers have also helped pave the way to success.”

 Couture relies in three words for Eurm “Creativity, precision and sophistication” and prêt is, “adorable, affordable and practical that you can wear every day.”

For her, prêt is easy. “I am into prêt as well but now everyone is going into prêt. It’s easy yet adventurous. It’s a quick process too. Bridal, on the other hand is,  a lengthy process.  I love to work with couture.”

The designer also shares her brand philosophy which is based on simplicity and elegance with style. “My brand is about timeless efforts. It’s about how delicate, integrate and classy you wanna look.”

 Speaking about making new collection, she said, “I believe in experimentation. My every collection is different from the previous once. I enjoy making different things. As I said, I use very unusual colour scheme.”

Eurm caters to a large clientele nationally and internationally.  Having showcased her work at many international fashion weeks, the designer elaborates, “Every country has its own culture and taste. Every time there are few pieces of a collection which can cater any particular foreign market. Designing a new collection for international clientele may mean accessorizing it according to their trends and taste. ”

Today fashion is more than clothes. “Fashion is moving forward with exciting new trends. Women look for clothes that flatter them and enhance their personality,” said Erum.

The designer also shared her future plans with Sunday Plus, “I am planning to open my outlet in Lahore. I will also be participating in Pakistan Fashion week London and different fashion weeks.”


Up & Close

Favourite fragrances: CK Euphoria

City that inspires you: Venice

What do you mostly do in your free time: Research music and chill out with friends

Oldest item in your closet: My grandmother shrug

3 musts for anyone closet: Denim, plaid shirt and pointed toe heels

Your comfort food: Chicken chunks

Your muse: Becoming international entrepreneur

Style Icon: Marilyn Monroe

You start your day with: A glass of juice

Favourite model: Mahreen Syed and Nooray Bhatti