LAHORE - Not even a single leader of the PTI submitted his performance report to despite party’s Punjab chapter warning that the party leaders who failed to improve their performance could be removed from party offices.

PTI Punjab president, Ejaz Chaudhry last month had issued warning to the district leaders asking them to submit regular performance reports, as the office was receiving complaints of lethargic and unenthusiastic attitude on part of the local leaders belonging to various districts. They were warned that they could face removal from the party offices if they failed to improve their performance.

The party president told TheNation that organisational measures to fill the vacant party offices and reassessing suitability of local government polls candidates have been started, and the district leaders who would continue following lethargy, they are more likely to be removed from party offices.

Ejaz said, “We have started organisational tours of all the regions to fill some vacant positions of the elected office bearers who are either inactive or have left the party.

The second objective of the drive is to reassess the suitability of party probable for the local elections.”

Some of the PTI party offices in various districts of the province are lying vacant due to switching of loyalties by the elected party office-bearers to other political parties mainly the ruling party. In some cases party’s elected office bearers are not showing interest in improving the party support base in their concerned district for quite sometime.