Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice Chairman Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi has warned the government that if it increased power tariff, the workers of PTI will resist the decision and take to the roads.

Addressing a public gathering here in Union Council No-40 at the residence of Malik Jahangir Bhutta on Saturday, he added that the media reports revealed that the government once again decided to increase electricity prices. He maintained that the government was forcing the citizens to come out and lodge protest against its anti-public decisions.

Declaring current government responsible for power crisis, he said that Iran laid gas pipeline in due time and fulfilled its agreement but Pakistan government failed to install line in Pakistan.

He lashed out at the Punjab government and said that it completely failed to secure the life and property of the citizens. He added that the crime rate registered an alarming hike but the rulers of Lahore Throne played the role of a silent onlooker on horrible serge in theft, robbery, murder and kidnapping incidents. He maintained that the citizens committed suicides because of price hike, loadshedding and unemployment but the government did nothing to improve the situation. He claimed that the PTI was the only political party in the country that could bring a real change.

CRACKDOWN: In a crackdown on outlaws, the district police have rounded up at least 30 accused for different offences and recovered from their possession illicit arms and booty. According to details, the police arrested seven drug paddlers, two illicit arms holders, 10 proclaimed offenders, one wheelers and owners of illegal gas refilling shops. The police caught Ijaz and Ghulam Shabbir in possession of illicit arms while Sabir Hussain was arrested while filling gas unlawfully. Similarly, Qari Mahmood ul Hassan, Muhammad Yaqoob and Waseem Hassan were arrested for violating ban on loudspeaker. The proclaimed offenders rounded up by police included Muhammad Ameen, Abdul Ghafoor, Bashir Ahmad, Muhammad Ashiq, Hafiz Ashiq, Muhammad Bilal, Liaqat Ali, razi Ahmad and Tahir Hussain.

Meanwhile, a special squad of city traffic police launched crackdown on one wheelers and arrested 10 youngsters while exhibiting stunts. Cases were registered against them in Cantt, Kotwali and Chehlyak police stations. Those arrested were identified as Ali Raa, Shahbaz, Shahzad, Abdul Rehman, Mujahid, Imran, Waqas and Abdul Rafy.